Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Funk Phenomena

I gave myself a pass this weekend after the 5k to not walk/run. I have a huge project going on at my house which involves lots of furniture moving and going up and down stairs, repeatedly.  So I got my activity in for sure. But with all the commotion I didn't really get to cook or track my food both days. I did the best I could to eat right but with out having time to cook, a pizza was ordered!

The first day I had 2 slices & 2 garlic knots, the next day I had one slice with a very sad salad cos my greens started turning to mush! I had steel cut oats for breakfast both days. I just felt guilty eating the pizza cos I'm trying to keep my carbs low.

So Monday rolls in and I should be back on track. I didn't get to log my food yesterday because I didn't measure any of it I just eyeballed it. Which could be fine but I need accuracy to get some weight loss going. I planned on getting my C25K training in but a friend stopped by and before I knew it my hubby was home looking for dinner. I was starving so I cooked, we ate and hit the couch. We were both exhausted from this weekend.

I feel The Funk Phenomena is setting in! (You don't have to listen to the whole thing! He says the phrase over and over, it can be applied in many different ways) I did good last week, I felt strong and focused. Today, I feel like I'm losing interest. WTF! Why/how can it slip away so easily? I feel so tired and the 'it's just not worth the effort' voice is chiming in.

I'm getting on that treadmill today no matter what. Tracking is so tedious and I always feel like I'm trying to beat the clock, those minutes are precious!

Let's not forget, there's only 170 days til my 40th birthday!! I've only lost 3 lbs, Yikes!

If you track your food how do you do it? website, notebook, smart phone?

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  1. I track my food on my my phone, at 'My fitness pal'. But, I primarily use SparkPeople. I used to have its app too, but it didn't have as many Indian food listed. Plus when it was not free any more I was forced to use MFP!
    Oh , I also 'like' to count my points as if I was on WW. The recipe lists I have posted on my blog. are mostly based on ww!

    I think you should keep brown bread and tuna handy, it is better than the pizza you know ;)