Friday, January 18, 2013

Introduction- 180 days til my New Year begins!

First thing to know about me is that my birthday begins my New Year. Yea, I celebrate with everyone on Dec. 31/Jan. 1 but those days hold no meaning for me. I like to celebrate my birthday like most people celebrate New Years Eve.  There are 180 days til my 40th birthday. I promised myself the day I turned 39 (185 days ago) that this would be the year I would 'do it' get myself together and really eat clean and be more active. Not just because I want to protect myself from disease and illness but because I do enjoy it. I enjoy the things being healthier allows me to do like hiking/adventuring, bike riding, dancing and going on amusement park rides (something I haven't done in years) to name a few. I let things overwhelm me and then I get derailed.

I want to say I gave it all I could but it's not true. There were family commitments/illness that couldn't be denied and needed my full attention. BUT what I didn't do while that was happening was make time for myself. I didn't allow myself time to prepare healthy food or exercise regularly. I didn't take care of me while I was caring for others and at times I let food take care of me when I was feeling the most sad or stressed.

In this blog I plan to record my thoughts, discoveries and success as I regain a hold on eating healthier, being more active and possibly even becoming a runner. I have 180 days til my New Year and I am committing to making each one count!

"...with this line I mark the past as a symbol of beginning..." ~ VNV 

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