Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spinning & Zumba

While perusing Groupon & Living social I came across 2 great deals for Zumba & Spinning classes. I'm sure I can survive Spinning. It's low impact and I think it's a good cardio boost i can use now.   I've had second thoughts about Zumba after I bought it. All that jumping around may not be good for my arches, ankles & knees. If there's a fair amount of time between now and expiration date I may be ok with some conditioning.

I started walking again (YAY), my treadmill was out of commission (yea the brand new one). After a service call all is well.  It took a such long time for the tech to come. They thought it was the incline motor, they sent the part. When it finally came the tech came out and said it's the console! After doing a looong software update, it seemed to be responding better. It's usable now.  Before it would incline when it wanted to, the display would read 0 so I couldn't make it go down with out turning it off/on.

I did a great walk on Saturday. Now that I can log into IFit the calories burned count is correct!
My pace wasn't stellar. I couldn't wait for it to be over even with all the distractions of the street views of Niagra Falls. My time will improve, walking will get easier the more often I do it. At this new all time high weight I really can only ask my body to do what it can at this point.

I still haven't combated the sugar problem. Everyday I need to have some form of chocolate a few times a day. If I don't, I can't stop thinking about it. At times I can't do anything else until I had some. If I don't I'll eat everything else to avoid eating it and over eat anyway.

I'm still reading Fat Chance by Robert Lustig. I listen to a few podcast on LCHF living but I can't seem to get my head wrapped around a meal plan...

I wish there were sugar detox centers like there are rehabs for drug addicts. Go there, check in, and ride out the sugar induced mania. Get your blood sugar levels in check and the whole time learn to make meal plans that are low carb high fat.

If this does exist let me know, if it doesn't and I can actually do this myself and lose the weight and become healthy, I may be sitting on a gold mine!

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  1. Hey there! I'm glad you're getting into the research on LCHF and I would encourage you to keep trying to clean slate it- I started my journey on a Saturday morning and definitely had serious withdrawal/cravings and something I read helped me. It said this is exactly the time NOT to 'listen to your body'- your body is WRONG, you do not need carbs or chocolate. Three full days of eggs, bacon, butter, creamed spinach, coffee w/ creamer, steak, fish, ham and cheese roll ups, prosciutto, rotisserie chicken, etc- no splenda, no diet coke, no actual sugar. No meal plan, no counting necessary, and def no exercise at first. I know for sure you can do it, and I know you'll lose 3-5 lbs and want to do more. I would rec a full month of NO sweet tastes at all and then start working in splenda or other lowcarb sweets occasionally. I'm nowhere near my goal but I'm convinced it's going to save my life. Good luck to you.