Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In!

I weighed in today and was thrilled to see I maintained!

I had a very rough week and weekend. I didn't work out because of foot and leg pain. I didn't cook or eat on schedule because of the house project. I feel like I'm letting life help me makes excuses for not staying focused and that happens to me often. When I let that happen I give up control. But I feel I was so pressed for time it just couldn't have worked out any other way. The combination of feeling guilty and the house being a mess lead to a binge on Monday night. UGH!! I had a 3 week streak of being binge free. I made a quick stop at the store on my way home. At the check out were the EVIL, hard to find Reese's Sticks. I could've bought the 2 pack but nooo the 4 pack was a better price! (in hind sight was it really?) I ate 3 of them on the way home and they were delicious. I had a few Chips Ahoy too, when I got home. I bought them for my hubby and I've been really good at not eating his treats. Making dinner right now is a disaster, the kitchens unorganized and I just wanted them!

I woke up on Tuesday with a MEGA MIGRAINE. I am semi blaming it on the sugar binge. I had been keeping it very low carb and suagry snack free as possible. I could be wrong but I could be right. I went into work late because of it. When I have a migraine I really can't eat. So, my food yesterday minimal and I went to bed at 7 pm. I need to buy lunch today since I didn't pack it last night. I'm gonna get a salad at Quiznos I think. I have to get myself back on track.

On Friday evening (2/1) I went for my sports massage. The massage therapist was really cool and we chatted a lot about food and non traditional medicine as he rubbed and stretched my legs and lower back. He agrees I should see my podiatrist. I felt good on Saturday most of the day, by Monday morning it felt as though all the massage goodness went away.

I started wearing my orthotics in my shoes on Tuesday. With all the resting from the migraine and keeping my feet elevated at my desk (suggested by the massage therapist) my feet & legs feel pretty good today. I am going to hit the treadmill tonight, no running just a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes.

How do you keep yourself focused when life gets in the way of your weight loss goals? How do you deal with the guilt you feel after letting it happen and possibly after bingeing?


  1. I'm still learning, it gets easier and then tough again. I think it's like a roller coaster.
    We just have to be wise and if we slip we need to 'move'on.

  2. have not been here all ok?