Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FIrst Day of Spring

I'm starting over again.  I was all set last week. I restarted my tracker & set a new weight loss goal on spark people. I tracked for 3 days last week. Then a cold started on Thursday and took me out of commission. Good thing is I didn't have much of an appetite. I'm feeling almost 100% better today. I haven't exercised in ages and at the rate time is flying by I'll be lucky to lose 17 lbs by the time I turn 40. That would be 1 lb a week. Yea, 17 weeks from today I'll be 40. 12 weeks have gone by and I haven't been able to get a handle on getting and exercise routine down and eating well. There's always something going on to deter me. Colds/ injuries, deaths in the family, home construction, car troubles and long commutes get between me and what needs to get done. The thing is they don't seem to be going away. 

This week I've been having the mental battle with how I hate dealing with food and I am really over it. Food/eating is really annoying. You have to go shop for it, carry it in the house, put it away, decide what to make, then find time to cook it, clean it and put it away. Add to it the constant dishes, it's enough to make me throw my hands in the air and scream. I think this is why I'd rather eat chocolate. It's easy, no prep necessary and no clean up.

I know it's totally unrealistic to wish we were solar powered but I do wish it. So... I'm gonna track my food today and see if I can get going for 30 minutes on the treadmill tonight. I need to find time to cook too.

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  1. Keep the faith, and Iam sure you can and will do it!